Panel Slider

With Panel Slider, you can create a variety of slider types and animations without any additional plugins. No coding knowledge is needed. Use it to create a slideshow, carousel, or any other kind of slider with custom animations.
Design 1

Panel Slider with Models

Panel Slider is a creative widget for elementor that enables you to create a great deal of slider types and animations.

Design 2

Panel Slider Center mode

With Panel Slider for Elementor, you can add as many as your heart desires to any page!

Design 3

Slider for everyone

With Panel Slider for Elementor, Customize it with any colors of your choice and even animate them from panel to panel.

Design 4

Slider for heart desires

Panel Slider is a widget for elementor. It’s the perfect long, image slider that lets you display anything you want in any position anywhere on the page.

Design 5

Create a beautiful panel

Drag & drop them on the layout to create your own unique slider. Create beautiful sliders and give your website a unique touch!

Free Now & Forever

Sky Addons is an addon of Elementor page builder that is completely free. With Sky Addons, you can create a website for your business or blog in minutes.

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